Social services

Where can I go for advice about my social services? Institutions for welfare work provide advice for example about your entitlement to accommodation and support in homeless’ shelters and such like. There are specialized institutions for welfare work for certain target groups. You can find addresses under the organisation contact links. Organisations Social services

Financial assistance

I have no residence permit, how can I survive? If you have no residence permit you are not entitled to most forms of financial support. There are a few exceptions, particularly for families with children or for people who are involved in legal proceedings to obtain a residence permit. Assistance benefit The Dutch Participation Law

Loss of benefits

Can people I am staying with lose their (housing and health care) benefits? If a resident without a residence permit is registered at a certain address with the municipal authorities, then all legal residents of that address will lose their entitlement to housing benefit, health care benefit and child-care benefit.

Food banks

Opportunities to obtain food The most important requirement for survival is food. The food bank provides weekly, free food parcels for people who have been registered. In addition there are several places in the city where you will find a warm place to sit, to have coffee or tea and where you can have a

Child benefits

Child benefit [kinderbijslag] and child-related budget [kindgebonden budget] Child benefit is a contribution towards the care of children and is therefore paid to the carer. The child does not need to have a residence permit him or herself, but the carer needs to have such a permit. Child benefit should be applied for at the