Renter rights

Am I entitled to protection by the Dutch Rent Act? If you have legal tenancy, you are entitled to protection by the Dutch Rent Act. Strictly speaking a written agreement is not required for this protection, but you need to be able to prove that you rented the accommodation, for example by proving you made

Asylum Shelters

Shelter in an Asylum Seekers’ Centre These centres are accessible to asylum seekers during the asylum procedure. They are also accessible to asylum seekers who have been granted ‘delay of departure on medical grounds’ (article 64 of the Aliens Law). Migrants have to apply for delay of departure at the IND. The IND will grant

Emergency shelter

I have no residence permit and no money, where can I go? Most people without a residence permit have little money as well and for them it is hard to survive. In some situations it is possible to be given shelter and support. LVV (Landelijke Vreemdelingen Voorziening) and BBB (Bed Bad Brood) After the decision

Womens shelters

Social support act (WMO, Wet Maatschappelijke Opvang): women’s shelter Women’s shelters are obliged to help women who have fallen victim to domestic or sexual violence; this also applies to women without residence permits. In 2020 the WMO [Wet Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling] has been amended, so that Womens Shelters can also get paid for the shelter they


Can I apply for utilities myself? The person who has independent tenancy can register with the utility companies (gas, water, electricity) and with the cable company or other television and Internet providers. These companies do not require identification papers but they do require a tenancy agreement and a bank statement. Organisations Utilities


Am I allowed to rent housing accommodation in the Netherlands? Yes, even if you have no residence permit you are entitled to rent housing accommodation in the Netherlands. However, you are not allowed to rent accommodation for which a housing permit is required. This is the case in some sections of the larger cities. If

Housing benefits

Am I entitled to housing benefit? The housing benefit is intended for people who pay high rent whilst having a low income. People without a residence permits are not entitled to the housing benefit. But every other person who lives at the same address will lose their entitlement to housing benefit as well if one