Can I join a trade union? Yes, even people without residence permits can join a trade union. FNV Bondgenoten [Allies] has a special unit for cleaners without residence permits, ‘domestic workers’. This unit knows how to deal with practical problems such as the fact that many undocumented people have no bank accounts.

Right to work

Am I allowed to work if I have no residence permit? No, undocumented migrants are not allowed to work in the Netherlands. You will not be granted a National Insurance Number and you are not eligible for a work permit either. In almost all cases the employer is obliged to check these particulars. This rule

Labour rights

How can I claim labour rights? You need a labour contract to exercise your labour rights. This does not necessarily need to be a written labour agreement, other evidence is valid as well such as job sheets or statements given by colleagues. If you can prove that you worked for the same employer each week