Can I get married in the Netherlands? Even migrants without residence permits can get married in the Netherlands. For this purpose each of the partners needs a passport, a authenticated birth certificate and a authenticated single status declaration. You need to take these documents to the municipal authorities in the municipality where the legal partner

Womens shelters

Social support act (WMO, Wet Maatschappelijke Opvang): women’s shelter Women’s shelters are obliged to help women who have fallen victim to domestic or sexual violence; this also applies to women without residence permits. In 2020 the WMO [Wet Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling] has been amended, so that Womens Shelters can also get paid for the shelter they

House searches

Are the police allowed to enter my house without reason? Normally the police need the residents’ approval before entering a residence or a room that serves as housing accommodation; they are only allowed to do so if they have a warrant to enter a dwelling. But the authorities are allowed to enter the housing accommodation

Legal services

Where can I go for legal advice, for example about employment law and the Dutch housing law? Everybody is entitled to legal aid no matter whether the person concerned has a residence permit or not. The Juridisch Loket [legal help desk] provides assistance with legal questions. Well-trained lawyers give advice and information free of charge,


What will happen if the police think that I have no residence permit? If the police check up on you and you cannot show your identity certificate or your residence permit, the police are allowed to detain you for 6 hours (nightly hours don’t count). If further investigation is required this period of time can

Stop & Search/Frisk

When are the police allowed to ask me to show my identity papers? The police and other ‘authorities’ are allowed to ask for identity certificates ‘if this can reasonably be assumed to be required for performing their duties’. Authorities are almost all people who have supervising responsibilities. Checks tend to be held in cases of

Emergency shelter

I have no residence permit and no money, where can I go? Most people without a residence permit have little money as well and for them it is hard to survive. In some situations it is possible to be given shelter and support. LVV (Landelijke Vreemdelingen Voorziening) and BBB (Bed Bad Brood) After the decision


How can I visit a pharmacy? If the general practitioner has given you a prescription for the pharmacy you can collect your medication there. In principle you will have to pay for this medication in advance. If you are not able to pay, you can go to the pharmacy that is contracted by Het CAK.

Maternal care

I am pregnant, what do I need to do? The midwife supports pregnant women as of three months’ pregnancy. You are free in your choice of midwife. The midwife checks the progression of the pregnancy and the health of mother and child. If you cannot pay the midwife, she can claim her expenses from Het


Am I allowed to rent housing accommodation in the Netherlands? Yes, even if you have no residence permit you are entitled to rent housing accommodation in the Netherlands. However, you are not allowed to rent accommodation for which a housing permit is required. This is the case in some sections of the larger cities. If

Mental health

Can I visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist? If you suffer from psychological problems, for example severe anxiety or depression, you can be helped by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. For this help you do need a referral note from the general practitioner. If you do not have any money the psychologist or psychiatrist can

Medical insurance

I would like to obtain health insurance, is this possible? If you have no residence permit, you are not entitled to mandatory health insurance in accordance with the Dutch Health Insurance Act. Some health insurance companies provide their own insurance packages. Zilveren Kruis and OOM provide travel insurances that may be applicable. Migrants who visit