Aiding the undocumented

Can I be penalised for helping an undocumented person? Help with illegal residence that is not provided in pursuit of profit is not punishable. Help with illegal border crossing is always punishable according to Dutch law, but during the deliberations in the Dutch Lower House the Minister has made it clear that humanitarian grounds will

Child benefits

Child benefit [kinderbijslag] and child-related budget [kindgebonden budget] Child benefit is a contribution towards the care of children and is therefore paid to the carer. The child does not need to have a residence permit him or herself, but the carer needs to have such a permit. Child benefit should be applied for at the

Adult education

Can I go to higher education as an adult? Access to higher education is possible if you have legal residence in the Netherlands, for instance during a procedure. If you are allowed to start the education, you are allowed finish the course, even if you are no longer legally resident. However, without a residence permit


Is my child allowed to attend school? Children in the age of 5 to 18 years have to attend school until they have obtained a starting qualification (havo, vwo or mbo level 2 certificate or higher). This obligation also applies to children who have no residence permits. You can register your child with every school.