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Shelter in an Asylum Seekers’ Centre

These centres are accessible to asylum seekers during the asylum procedure. They are also accessible to asylum seekers who have been granted ‘delay of departure on medical grounds’ (article 64 of the Aliens Law). Migrants have to apply for delay of departure at the IND. The IND will grant ‘delay of departure’ if you are unable to travel or if a ‘medical emergency’ occurs, to such an extent that there is a risk of sustaining serious trauma within three months after you have returned. ‘Delay of departure’ will be granted to all pregnant women as of six weeks from the delivery date as determined by the midwife. Aliens with tuberculosis will be granted ‘delay of departure’ as well. Once the IND has decided about this ‘delay of departure’ you can ask the COA for shelter in the asylum seekers’ centre.

Shelter in Family Locations

Family Locations (GezinsLocatie, GOL) are specialised asylum seekers’ centres. These centres are only accessible to migrants with children who actually have to leave the Netherlands and have no right to stay in the Asylum Centre.

Crisis care [Noodopvang]

Some cities have specialised shelters for rejected asylumseekers  who formerly resided in their city, and are vulnerable or still involved in legal proceedings with a prospect of getting a residence permit, or who are actively trying to return.

Since 2018, debates are going on about a national system of LVV (Landelijke VreemdelingenVoorziening). In 2019, pilot LVVs started in five cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen.

Organisations Asylum Shelters

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