Rights category Housing and Shelter

I have no residence permit and no money, where can I go?

Most people without a residence permit have little money as well and for them it is hard to survive. In some situations it is possible to be given shelter and support.

Social support act (WMO): support in a shelter for the homeless and in crisis support

The municipality is responsible for shelters for the homeless within the municipal boundary. In most municipalities the shelters for the homeless refuse people without residence permits. In some municipalities, the shelters for homeless are also shelters for undocumented migrants.

Bed Bath and Bread

After the decision of the European Comittee for Social Rights in 2014, some municipalities set up special night shelters for undocumented migrants who resided in the city, the so-called Bed-Bad-Brood Shelters. But in november 2015 the Highest Courts in the Netherlands decided that municipalities are not obliged to create these shelters, and that the VBL [Vrijheidsbeperkende Locatie] in Ter Apel will do. The Bed-Bad-Brood Shelters are not abolished, though. In 2018, the future of the BBB’s is discussed on national level.

Organisations Emergency shelter