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How can I claim labour rights?

You need a labour contract to exercise your labour rights. This does not necessarily need to be a written labour agreement, other evidence is valid as well such as job sheets or statements given by colleagues. If you can prove that you worked for the same employer each week for 3 months or at least for 20 hours a month, it is assumed that you are in permanent employment.

If you have been caught by the authorities doing illegal work you are always entitled to claim overdue wages. If there is proof of an employment agreement, it is assumed that the employment lasted for at least 6 months. In that case you can claim 6 months overdue payment.

If there is severe exploitation in the work place (human trafficking) it is important that you report the offence. In many cases you can benefit from the special rights that apply to people who report cases of human trafficking. Fairwork (formerly BLinN) and Comensha provide support to people who report cases of human trafficking.