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I would like to obtain health insurance, is this possible?

If you have no residence permit, you are not entitled to mandatory health insurance in accordance with the Dutch Health Insurance Act. Some health insurance companies provide their own insurance packages. Zilveren Kruis and OOM provide travel insurances that may be applicable. Migrants who visit on a tourist visa or people who have a residence permit in another EU country need to take health insurance before visiting the Netherlands.

I am involved in legal proceedings, does this mean I am insured?

Some people who are involved in legal proceedings to obtain a residence permit are entitled to Rvb (Regeling Verstrekkingen Bijzondere groepen vreemdelingen; Ruling Allowance Certain Categories of Aliens). This is an allowance issued by the COA, combined with health insurance. This rule is available for witnesses and/or victims of human trafficking during the reconsideration period, for aliens who have lodged an application for residence as a family member and for children who have lodged an application for a residence permit.

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