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Can I register my child who was born in the Netherlands?

Every child who is born in the Netherlands has to be registered at the municipal authorities within three days; this is called ‘registration of a birth’.  The person who registers the birth should have been present at the delivery and must have legal residence in the Netherlands. The midwife can register the birth as well.

The mother should have some proof of her identity. On the basis of this document the municipal authorities draw up a birth certificate. If the mother has no identity card, the municipal authorities should send the documents to the magistrate, so that he can issue a birth certificate.

The authorities consider it essential that a birth certificate is issued for every child born in the Netherlands. This also applies to parents without a residence permit.

Will the father’s name be mentioned on the birth certificate?

The mother is mentioned on the birth certificate; the father will be mentioned on this document as well providing he has acknowledged the child. If the parents are married, the father has automatically acknowledged the child.

If the parents are not married, the father can acknowledge the child. If the father acknowledges the child, he will become responsible for the child, for example financially. The father can only acknowledge the child if both parents bring their passports, authenticated birth certificates and their marriage certificate or single status declaration. The father can acknowledge the child at the municipal authorities, either during the pregnancy or after the delivery. If the father has acknowledged the child he will not automatically have custody. The parent who has custody can make decisions on behalf of the child. Custody has to be applied for after having acknowledged the child at the office of the sub-district court.

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