For those who are considering returning to their country of origin …

Foreign nationals who do not have a valid residence permit run the risk of immigration detention and deportation. After a negative decision, the applicant gets normally four weeks to voluntarily leave the Netherlands (and Europe). Those who don’t return, run the risk of aliensdetention and a ‘light’ entry ban of two years, and possibly expulsion to the country of origin. Those who do not leave voluntarily and, despite an entry ban, are still found in the Netherlands, can be fined up to an amount of € 3,900 or imprisonment.

Those who opt for voluntary departure can, among other things, contact the following organizations:

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The IOM is an international organization that offers guidance to migrants since 1951. In the Netherlands, the IOM supports voluntary return in the form of a plane ticket and some pocket money (€ 200). A higher departure contribution applies to former asylum seekers, for people with a medical problem, and for victims of trafficking .
Look for more information on the IOM website

Bridge to Better

Bridge to Better offers people without a residence permit an on-the-job guidance program for returning to the country of origin.By offering a training, assistance with writing a business plan and a financial contribution. More information can be found at

Dutch Council for Refugees

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland mainly focuses on the support of asylum seekers who have exhausted all legal remedies if they want to return voluntary. In the project: ‘Met opgeheven Hoofd 2‘  VWN offers tailor-made guidance in the country of return to, for example, work, a company, a training course, medical care and / or accommodation.

An overview of all service providers can be found at: