In principle people without a residence permit have the right to rent accommodation in the Netherlands. They cannot however rent a house requiring a housing permit, nor can they make use of social housing. Many undocumented migrants cannot afford to pay rent by themselves. Undocumented migrants are often excluded from receiving support from mainstream organisations, including homeless shelters. They are dependent on help from others, for instance friends and family members.  Under certain conditions, they can be given accommodation by civil society organisations although capacity is very limited.

The right to food and shelter is set down in European and universal treaties. A number of lawyers specialised in this field have successfully argued that vulnerable people without papers, such as children and the sick, are entitled to receive support.

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You will find useful for contacts that are national wide as well as local to your city.Below are the locations of organisations in the Netherlands from which you can find and locate. By hoevering over the organisation you will be able.

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